Storage Methods

1. Store In A Cool Dry Place

Keep your finished products and semi-finished products that are not subject to cooling best in the cool dry place with good ventilation. When you buy bread at the bakery store that is still a little warm, this gives a wonderful scent for the customers, but the moisture that still comes out of the bread must be able to escape. Shelf life is highly dependent on the product, but usually it is between 1 day and 1 week.

Keep In The Fridge

Most pastry products should be kept refrigerated. The temperature of the refrigerator or cooling counter must be at 4 ° C, and must always be hygienically clean. Finished products can be stored in a refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.

Keep In The Freezer

You can of course put a lot of things in a freezer. A freezer contains moisture and can be brittle to baked products or the food can go off. Of course there are a whole range of options that can be stored in a freezer. When working with frozen dough it is important to adjust your ingredients well. Often only frozen yeast is used for products that are stored well below 0 °C for more than a week. Therefore, frozen yeast which is more resistant to storage in the freezer has no loss of efficiency compare to traditional yeast. You do need to protect products that you freeze against freezer burn. So always pack your product in an air tight plastic bag or container.

Michael Lim