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For Buns Topping
60g Unsalted Butter (room temperature)
60g Sugar
2 Egg Yolks (from eggs that weigh 58-60g each with shell)
4g Vanilla Sugar (or vanilla essence)
3 Salt
3g Baking Powder
115g All Purpose Flour

Step By Step Instruction

Step 1

Mix the room temperature butter, sugar and egg yolks together.

Step 2

Add in the flour, vanilla sugar, salt, baking powder and mix well.

Step 3

Somewhat like this sticky dough consistency.

Step 4

Wrap it with cling wrap and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Step 5

After 20 minutes, the dough is much easy to work with. Divide it into 6 portions.

Step 6

Dust your hands with some flour.

Step 7

Press and shape the dough.

Step 8

Gently transfer it to your hand.

Step 9

Please it on top of the proofed bread dough.

Step 10

Cut it into shape if you want to. It is not necessary.

Step 11

Apply egg wash..

Preheated oven at 180°C.
Baking Mode: Top & bottom heating elements without fan.

Baking Temperature: 180°C
Baking Time: 18 minutes

Step 12

Baking time may vary depending on the accuracy and type of your oven.

Step 13

finished product.

I recommend you to watch the video tutorial for more clear instructions!

Michael Lim