Cookie Policy

In the context of the GDPR, we report that we do not record any personal data about you.

Ads may be displayed on this site by Google. We have only given Google permission to show "non-personal advertisements". Those ads are tailored to the content of this site and the content of the page you are viewing. These are so-called context-based ads; advertisements that are tailored to what can be read on that page. As a result of this policy choice, no personal cookies are placed.

In addition, we place the following functional cookies ourselves: number of pages shown with cookies notification EU a counter that keeps track of how many times our cookie notice has been shown to you. This counter automatically stops as soon as you accept our cookies. As soon as you have been shown the cookie notification ten times, we reserve the right not to show the cookie notification anymore, accept Cookies EU contains the value false or true, which determines whether you have accepted our cookies.

We therefore also do not place any personal cookies. Because no personal cookies are placed, according to the AVG, we only have to inform you about these cookies and do not ask for permission to place these cookies.