150g All Purpose Flour
20g Cornstarch
6g Vanilla Sugar (1tsp. vanilla essense)
3g Salt
3g Baking Powder
135 Unsalted Butter
80g Fine Sugar
2 Egg (weigh 65-67g each with shell)

Step By Step Instruction

Step 1

Mix flour, cornstarch, vanilla sugar, salt and baking powder together. Set aside.

Step 2

Mix and whisk the butter and sugar till light and airy.

Step 3

Add in the eggs into the butter mixture and whisk it for about a minute.

Step 4

The batter may look cuddled, is ok.

Step 5

Add in half of the flour mixture and mix.

Step 6

Add in the rest of the flour mixture and mix.

Step 7

You cake batter should look thick and smooth.

Step 8

Fill the piiping bag with cake batter.

Step 9

Pipe the batter evenly onto the heated waffle machine.

Step 10

Voila! Smell absolutely wonderful.

Step 11

Serve it with some whipped cream and any fresh fruit of your choice.

I recommend you to watch the video tutorial for more clear instructions!

Michael Lim