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Tiger Skin Ingredients:
8 Egg Yolks (from eggs that weigh 65-67g each with shell)
40g Sugar
20g Cornstarch

Step By Step Instruction

Step 1

Whisk the egg and sugar till light pale in colour.

Step 2

Add in the cornstarch.

Step 3

Gently mix it with a whisk , or a spatula if you prefer.

Step 4

Pour the cake batter into a 28cm x 34cm baking pan.

Step 5

Mix well.

Preheated oven at 200°C.
Baking Mode: Top & bottom heating elements without fan.

Baking Temperature: 200°C
Baking Time: 8 minutes

Step 6

Turn the tiger skin cake right side down. Cut off the access according to your swiss roll.

Step 7

Gently roll up the swiss roll.

Step 8

Cut off the access.

Step 9

Finished product.

I recommend you to watch the video tutorial for more clear instructions!

Michael Lim