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Lesson 3 (Semi Finished Products)


A Biscuit is the name for a type of European Sponge Cake used in French pastry kitchens. It is one of the best-known semi-finished products in the confectionery industry. The biscuit batter can be prepared in two ways: either cold or warm, in the traditional manner. The basic ingredients for a biscuit are eggs, sugar, and flour. In some cases, a small amount of fat is also used.

Cold Preparation:

To give the biscuit its typical light structure, the eggs are separated and the egg whites are beaten with sugar.

Warm Preparation:

The eggs and sugar are heated over low heat. The flour is then gently mixed with the slightly heated mixture of sugar and egg.

Cake Mix

A cake consists of 4 ingredients:
- Eggs
- Flour
- Sugar
- Fat

The most well-known cake is the quarter cake, which is made of equal parts of the above ingredients:
- 1 part eggs
- 1 part sugar
- 1 part flour
- 1 part fat

The ingredients are weighed equally. You can also add other ingredients like baking powder, flavours, and fruits to make it tastier. The quarter cake is a dense cake.


Marzipan is a product mainly consisting of almonds and sugar. The quality of marzipan is determined by the ratio of almonds to sugar.

The ratio 1:1
(50g almond flour and 50g sugar).
The ratio 1:2
(50g almond flour and 100g Sugar).

The cheaper version replaces almonds with apricot kernels. It is common to find preservatives in marzipan due to its short shelf life.


Fondant is a semi-finished product consisting mainly of sugar and water. It can be used for different finishes, such as rolling out and casting. Colours and flavorings can be added to fondant to alter its taste and appearance.

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